The Intrepid series is a set of three fantasy novels I’m penning.

Claire, a full-time brooder and part-time badass, stumbles into magical limbo on her way to Mediaeval Literature class. No big deal. But after, she is connected to Pangea, an ancient realm where plant creatures, Neanderthals, and people coexist in a lush rain forest. Or it did, until the rebel, Markus, cast a spell so vile that it snuffed magic from the world, and everything descended into darkness. Which is a total bummer.

Granted newfound abilities, Claire chooses to become Pangea’s champion; in part because magic is awesome, but also because she’s got her own problems and taking a portal from her bedroom into a dying world might just be an improvement. All she needs to do is travel back in time to face Markus in the ultimate showdown, where everything is at stake, magic and power and a potential future without thousands of years of oppression— if only she can make it right this time. 

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